#1342 Land Purchase in a Coastal City #1342 Back $1 = ₪3.149
Property Features
Id : #1342
Category : Residential Sales
City : Coastal Cities
Neighborhood : Coastal Cities
Type : Apartment
Dollar Price : $ 146,078
NIS Price : ₪ 460,000
Occupancy : --
Air Exposure : N/A
Features :
Property Description
1,300 apartments in high rise buildings will be built in a new project in a coastal city on freehold land. The land has been approved for residential building. Schools, parks and commerce will be built to service the residents. Land ownership entitles the land owner to purchase an apartment. At this time there is an opportunity to join in the purchase of the land at NIS 460,000. After approval of the final plans, the contractor will begin building. The taxes and cost of building is expected to be NIS 900,000 – 1,000,000.

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