Yemin Moshe

Located south of Talbieh, north of Abu Tor, opposite Mount Zion and the walls of the Old City, Yemin Moshe is one of six neighborhoods named after Sir Moses Montefiore. The poor Ashkenazi and Sephardi population who lived there were relocated to Meah Shearim and Nachlaot respectively. After the establishment of the neighborhood in 1892, the neighborhood maintained two separate sections for the Ashkenazi and Sephardi residents. During the Six Day War, due to the proximity to the Jordanian positions, the residents left for safer neighborhoods. After 1967 until today, the neighborhood underwent gentrification and the abandoned homes were bought by well-to-do professionals and artists who have created a wealthy and luxurious neighborhood. The neighborhood streets are for pedestrians only, with parking at the top and bottom. There is a development company that has instituted strict rules as to who can become a resident of the neighborhood. The residents are secular and national religious.

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