Shaarei Chesed

Shaarei Chesed is a religious neighborhood at the north edge of Rechavia. The adjacent neighborhoods are Nachlat Tzaddok, Nachlaot and Rechavia. It was established in 1909 as a neighborhood for poor people who had no place to live. The neighborhood was built according to a plan of many attached one-story houses, built on narrow lots, each with a small courtyard, but starting in 1975 there was an acceleration of renewal and people began to renovate with stonework and different pavements. The new houses were bigger than the original structures with additional floors added on. Today, most of the land is zoned for individual houses or two separate apartments. The facades of the buildings are protected to maintain the unique charm of the neighborhood. The area is especially popular with the Orthodox community, and the new residents of the area are mostly wealthy religious Jews from Western and European countries. One of the main attractions are the numerous synagogues of many religious varieties in this small neighborhoodShaarei Chesed is close to the Great Synagogue, many hotels and the center of town. On Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael Street are a high school, pharmacies, stores, and restaurants.

$1 = ₪3.9297
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
314 ***SOLD*** One of a Kind Townhouse # 314 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedCottage9.03800 $3,500,000₪13,753,950
325 ***SOLD*** Stately Villa Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedCottage8.02250 $2,500,000₪9,824,250
661 Luxury & Space Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedFreestanding House11.04000 $3,800,000₪14,932,860
920 Very Spacious Townhouse # 920 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedFreestanding House11.04000 $4,250,000₪16,701,225
947 Great Location, Spacious! # 947 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedApartment5.01500 $1,700,000₪6,680,490
997 A Shaarei Chesed Cute Apartment # 997 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedApartment2.5441 $356,261₪1,400,000
999 ***SOLD***A Dream House # 999 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedApartment8.03400 $3,900,000₪15,325,830
1057 ***SOLD***Sunny Renovated Apartment #1057 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedApartment3.0553 $432,603₪1,700,000
1189 Penthouse Duplex in Shaarei Chesed #1189 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedPenthouse0.02402 $2,400,000₪9,431,280
1222 Great Townhouse #1222 Residential SalesJerusalemShaarei ChesedCottage4.51240 $1,820,000₪7,152,054

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