Rechavia is one of Jerusalem’s most interesting areas from an architectural and historical perspective. One of the first of the “garden” neighborhoods built during the British Mandate, from 1923 – 1936, it is located north of the neighborhoods of Talbieh and Kiryat Shmuel, and adjacent to Shaarei Chesed. The large villas that were built reflect economic and social status as well as personal style – the owners hired talented architects with creative new designs. Rechavia was the "classic garden neighborhood," founded on thirty acres of land, but the area has experienced change over time. In the 1960s, many internal roads such as Gaza and Ramban Street turned into external roads linking the area with the city center. A number of the houses were turned into private offices or demolished with new homes being constructed in their place. Nevertheless,, the basic quality of the neighborhood remained intact. Rechavia in the 1990s remained, to some degree, a preservation of an all-but-vanished world. A walk through the neighborhood's streets, with buildings from the Mandate period flanked by trees, continues to be an aesthetic treat. Gaza is a lively street with many cafes, as well as banks and stores. Rechavia is in a central location, close to the Great Synagogue, the Sheraton Plaza and the downtown district. It owes its pastoral appearance mainly to its overall garden neighborhood plan and abundant greenery.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
583 ***SOLD***Rechavia Garden Home #583 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment6.02450 $3,100,000₪9,870,400
1302 Renovated in Rechavia #1302 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment3.0600 $847,990₪2,700,000
1452 Penthouse in Rechavia #1452 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaPenthouse5.01601 $2,400,000₪7,641,600
1494 New In Rechavia #1494 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment0.000 $
1548 A Lot of Extras #1548 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaGarden Apartment5.02000 $5,480,528₪17,450,000
1614 ***SOLD*** Private Cottage in Rechavia #1614 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaCottage7.52450 $3,400,000₪10,825,600
1711 ***SOLD***Great Rechavia Location! #1711 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment3.0702 $879,397₪2,800,000
1849 Customizable Property! #1849 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment0.01861 $2,320,980₪7,390,000
1857 ***RENTED***Lovely Cute Rechavia Rental #1857 RentalJerusalemRechaviaApartment2.0350 $1,256₪4,000
1866 In The Right Location #1866 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment3.0762 $1,099,246₪3,500,000
1883 Two Bedrooms on Ben Maimon #1883 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment3.0681 $934,359₪2,975,000
1905 ***SOLD***Fabulous 4 Rooms in Rechavia #1905 Residential SalesJerusalemRechaviaApartment4.0913 $1,130,653₪3,600,000

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