Ramot is one of the largest neighborhoods in Jerusalem, with about 60,000 residents. It is situated in the northeastern part of the city and divided into 5 sections, from Ramot 01 to Ramot 06 (the newest section). (There is no Ramot 05, as the corresponding Hebrew letter is also used to represent G-d's name, and has therefore been omitted.) It is just southwest of the grave of Samuel the Prophet. This area was under Jordanian control until liberated in the Six Day War. The population is ethnically and religiously diverse, and housing ranges from expensive single-family homes to relatively inexpensive multi-level apartments. One of the ultra orthodox neighborhoods, Ramot Polin, has unique architecture: the buildings look like beehives. Ramot is a relatively new area by Jerusalem standards; construction began in the 1970s and continues today. There are beautiful views from each section. The southwestern and southeastern areas face the northern and western neighborhoods that are across the valley at the western entrance of Jerusalem. The northern areas almost meet the township of Mevasseret on the mountain ridge. All sections of Ramot have a large, growing population of secular, national religious and ultra-Orthodox families, both native Israelis and immigrants of all ages. Ramot has a large English-speaking community, which is mostly located in Ramot 01, 02 and 04. There are many synagogues and yeshivas as well as other community institutions.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
1803 Well Designed Furnished Ramot Villa #1803 RentalJerusalemRamotFreestanding House9.02250 $4,240₪13,500
1835 ***SOLD***Fabulous Home in Ramot #1835 Residential SalesJerusalemRamotSemi-detached House8.02080 $1,240,578₪3,950,000
1896 Incredible Duplex Apartments #1896 Residential SalesJerusalemRamotNew Project0.000 $

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