Old City

The Jewish Quarter (Rova HaYehudi) is located in the southeastern part of the Old City, in the section called the "Upper City" of the Second Temple Period, and faces the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. This special neighborhood, the epicenter of the spiritual world, is divided into four quarters – the Jewish, the Armenian, the Christian and the Muslim Quarters. In the time of the 1st and 2nd Temple periods, many Kohanim and wealthy Jews lived in this area. Many of the homes have high domed ceilings and walls 18 – 24 inches (40 – 60 cm) thick, dating back 900 years. The revival of the Jewish Quarter began after the ‘67 war that liberated the area and the Western Wall. There are strict regulations regarding the renovations of the homes. For example, there are no solar heating units on the roofs as it detracts from the architectural beauty of the rounded roofs of the homes. The residents are mainly religious, from national religious to different types of ultra-Orthodox. The Jewish Quarter has many synagogues, some quite historic, one of which, the Hurva, has now been rebuilt from the bombing of the synagogue by the Jordanians.

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