Malha is a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem, named for a Jewish village that existed there in Biblical times. Archaeological excavations have turned up remains from Bronze Age and Roman times. Many years after the destruction of the Second Temple the depopulated village came to be inhabited by Muslim Arabs. The village was essentially agricultural in character. In 1948, during Israel's War of Independence, Malha was liberated by Israeli troops. Its Arab inhabitants moved several kilometers away to Bethlehem, which remained under Arab control. The vacated houses were soon populated by Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern countries. Some years later and now under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Jerusalem, the village was modernized and a large housing development, officially called Manahat, was established on the nearby hill and its eastern slopes. This area soon became one of the better neighborhoods of Jerusalem. At the bottom of Manahat Hill lie the large Jerusalem shopping mall (Kanyon Malha), the Teddy Kollek Stadium and the Malha Train Station. Malha also has a Vocational High School (ORT) and a primary school. The Manahat Technological Center with its ultra-modern architecture is a major focus of hi-tech start-ups.

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