Nachlaot is a colorful neighborhood located in the very heart of Jerusalem between Shaarei Chesed/Rechavia and Machane Yehuda. It comprises small neighborhoods of differing real estate values, each with its own rich history. Some sections were established as early as 1880 and others in the 1920s. The neighborhood has experienced a renaissance and has been undergoing gentrification during the past decade to the present. The demand for this neighborhood is due in large part to its easy access to the south and north neighborhoods as well as to the Old City. With an extremely diverse population, today the trend is toward Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox with many English-speaking families, young and not-so-young, settling comfortably into the idiosyncratic architecture and population.

$1 = ₪3.635
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
994 Renovated Townhouse with Rights # 994 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment6.01701 $1,568,088₪5,700,000
1208 5 Bedroom Cottage #1208 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment6.52191 $1,881,706₪6,840,000
1399 House for Sale #1399 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotSemi-detached House0.01900 $2,200,825₪8,000,000
1463 Charming and Cheerful #1463 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotPenthouse5.01800 $2,100,000₪7,633,500
1471 Garden Apartment - Great Location #1471 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotGarden Apartment3.0780 $1,031,637₪3,750,000
1488 Superb Floor Plan #1488 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotDuplex6.52120 $2,120,000₪7,706,200
1491 Duplex Penthouse #1491 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotPenthouse6.02700 $3,700,000₪13,449,500
1576 On A Suburban Street #1576 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment5.01603 $1,900,000₪6,906,500
1580 New and Well Designed #1580 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment4.01003 $949,106₪3,450,000
1638 Gorgeous Luxurious Apartment #1638 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment5.52300 $2,118,294₪7,700,000
1639 Luxury Penthouse +Roof Terrace #1639 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment5.52300 $2,393,398₪8,700,000
1644 New On One Level #1644 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotGarden Apartment5.01300 $1,350,000₪4,907,250
1645 Beautiful New Garden Duplex #1655 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotDuplex5.01600 $1,520,000₪5,525,200
1652 ***SOLD***Authentic and Charming #1652 Residential SalesJerusalemNachlaotApartment2.500 $467,675₪1,700,000

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