Morasha was established in 1889 northwest of the Old City by wealthy Muslim and Christian Arabs. Most of the neighborhood was destroyed during the War of Liberation in 1948, rebuilt after the war and inhabited by Jewish immigrants from North Africa. Until the Six Day War in 1967, the neighborhood was the border between Israel and Jordan. It remained a tense area and economically depressed until 1979 when a reclamation project was undertaken. Since that time, a more well-to-do population has moved in and gentrified the community. The main streets are HaNeviim and Shivtei Yisrael. The proximity to Talbieh, the City Center, the Old City and the ultra orthodox neighborhoods of Meah Shearim and Geulah has created serious interest among overseas buyers. Many well-known developers are building luxury apartment buildings near the Russian Compound, and along the main streets of this historic area.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
832 Penthouse with Temple Mount View Residential SalesJerusalemMorashaPenthouse7.03503 $7,000,000₪22,288,000
1495 View to the Temple Mount #1495 Residential SalesJerusalemMorashaApartment5.01420 $

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