Mamilla was originally established in 1890 just west of the Old City by Muslim and Christian Arabs but during the 1920s was inhabited by Jews as well. The Mamilla district was an important commercial area, site of the municipal buildings as well as the first post office outside the Old City walls. The War of Liberation in 1948 with its heavy shelling left many buildings badly damaged and deserted; as a result the neighborhood turned into a border area and suffered decay, becoming a home for the poor of Jerusalem. The King David Hotel and the YMCA at the edge of the district maintained some of the neighborhood's prestige, however. After the Six Day War, when the area became safe, the residents were evacuated to other neighborhoods so that a major overhaul of the community could be undertaken. Since 1990, Mamilla has developed into the site of many prestigious residential projects. The new projects, beginning with David’s Village and now King David’s Residence, the Alrov project with its promenade of cafes and stores, and the rebuilding of the famous Palace Hotel by the Reichman family have brought elegance and life back to the area.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
1074 New Mamilla Apartment #1074 Residential SalesJerusalemMamillaApartment3.51030 $1,695,980₪5,400,000
1227 In David's Village #1227 Residential SalesJerusalemMamillaApartment4.01801 $4,300,000₪13,691,200

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