Kiryat Wolfson

Located west of the City Center, facing an open view of the Israel Museum, the Knesset and Gan Sacher, this neighborhood is a complex of five high-rise buildings with terraced “villas” going down the hill from Diskin Street. The first set of two buildings was built in 1970 and the last three buildings in 1980. The complex was named after Sir Isaac Wolfson, a British Jewish philanthropist who began the building of the project. Most of the owners are foreign residents and the residents are mainly retirees from overseas. Shabbat elevators and parking plus stores, cafes and a large medical center within the complex, as well as the close proximity of the adjacent neighborhoods of Rechavia and Shaarei Chesed with their synagogues and restaurants, make this a very desirable place to live. In addition, there is 24-hour surveillance in and around the buildings.

$1 = ₪3.514
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
992 ***SOLD***Space & View # 992 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonDuplex5.01400 $1,350,000₪4,743,900
993 ***SOLD***Gracious Living # 993 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment5.01744 $1,300,000₪4,568,200
996 ***SOLD***Beautifully Renovated with a Terrace # 996 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment6.01400 $1,280,000₪4,497,920
1146 ***SOLD*** Wolfson Villa - Lower Level #1146 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonCottage5.01402 $882,186₪3,100,000
1213 4 Bedrooms in Wolfson #1213 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment5.51450 $1,150,000₪4,041,100
1250 ***SOLD*** Beautiful 3 Bedroom #1250 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment4.0951 $850,000₪2,986,900
1259 ***SOLD***Quiet Garden Apartment #1259 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonGarden Apartment4.51350 $1,109,846₪3,900,000
1260 A Fabulous View #1260 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment4.51100 $1,500,000₪5,271,000
1348 ***SOLD***Ideal For A Family #1348 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment4.01450 $1,000,000₪3,514,000
1383 Spacious & Sunny #1383 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment5.01400 $1,070,000₪3,759,980
1480 ***RENTED***Beautiful Wolfson Rental #1480 RentalJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment4.000 $2,248₪7,900
1564 4 Bedrooms in Wolfson #1564 Residential SalesJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment5.01350 $1,500,000₪5,271,000
1565 ***RENTED***4 Bedrooms in Wolfson #1565 RentalJerusalemKiryat WolfsonApartment5.01350 $3,130₪11,000

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