In the south part of the city, this neighborhood, also called Gonenim, was near the Jordanian border. In the early 1950s, housing blocks, or 'shikunim,' were built to absorb the North African immigrants. There are many streets that have low free-standing houses that have received approval for expansion, as they are on large lots. This is one of the areas that has been designated for housing expansion by the city. Surrounding and within close walking distance are the middle and upper class neighborhoods of Old Katamon, San Simon, Greek and German Colonies, Baka and the gentrified Mekor Chayim. Due to the high prices in the neighboring areas, many young couples, overseas buyers and investors have begun buying into the neighborhood in new projects and renovating the older buildings. The educational institute for women, Matan, and the Eretz Tzvi yeshiva have also contributed to the desirability and public awareness of the neighborhood. There are both religious and secular residents.

$1 = ₪3.455
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
1021 ***SOLD***Cozy Garden Apartment # 1021 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimGarden Apartment3.0520 $405,210₪1,400,000
1121 ***SOLD*** 3 Bedroom Choice 1 #1121 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment5.01320 $945,297₪3,266,000
1123 ***SOLD*** 3 Bedrooms Choice 2 #1123 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment4.011515 $839,363₪2,900,000
1124 ***SOLD***3 bedrooms Choice 3 #1124 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment4.01200 $810,420₪2,800,000
1125 ***SOLD*** 3 Bedroom Choice 4 #1125 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment5.01250 $1,059,334₪3,660,000
1127 ***SOLD*** Penthouse Choice 2 #1127 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimPenthouse5.01800 $1,534,009₪5,300,000
1404 Garden Apartment With Options #1404 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment3.0490 $723,589₪2,500,000
1405 For Expansion #1405 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment2.0301 $636,758₪2,200,000
1653 New and Exciting Project #1653 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimNew Project0.000 $
1672 Great Layout! #1672 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment5.01201 $1,041,968₪3,600,000
1701 ***SOLD*** Cheerful 2 Bedroom Apartment #1701 Residential SalesJerusalemKatamonimApartment3.0722 $607,815₪2,100,000

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