Har Nof

Located in the western part of the city, accessed through the Givat Shaul area, Har Nof was established in 1984. The name is depictive of the magnificent view of the Judean Hills area including Beit Zayit and Ein Kerem, as well as the surrounding suburban neighborhoods, such as Mevasseret and Motza, that one passes coming into Jerusalem. To the north, the view is to Ramot, Har Radar and Har Shmuel, where the prophet Samuel is buried. The steepness of the mountain on which Har Nof is built has created different levels in the neighborhood. There are high-rise apartment buildings as well as areas of private villas. The residents run the gamut from national religious to ultra-Orthodox. There are many synagogues servicing the 20,000 residents; the most well known are the Boston Shul and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Shul. There are also many educational institutions including the famous Neve Yerushalayim campus, many women’s seminaries for overseas post high school girls as well as many Baal Teshuva yeshivot for men. There is a very high percentage of English speakers. Other immigrant groups include French and South American. As a large proportion of the residents are immigrants, there are many community services that one finds in the Diaspora.

$1 = ₪3.514
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
362 Top Quality & Extra Roomy Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment9.03000 $1,500,000₪5,271,000
651 Spacious and Reasonable #651 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment0.000 $
665 Exclusive! Great Location! Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment5.51301 $768,355₪2,700,000
718 Very High Standard Renovations #718 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment6.01350 $967,558₪3,400,000
885 Private Villa # 885 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofFreestanding House7.03300 $2,048,947₪7,200,000
896 So Much Space # 896 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofCottage9.04000 $3,841,776₪13,500,000
903 ***SOLD***Gorgeous Sunny View Penthouse # 903 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofPenthouse5.01270 $910,643₪3,200,000
1264 Lovely Penthouse #1264 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofPenthouse6.01575 $1,124,075₪3,950,000
1298 Lots of Outdoor Space #1298 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofGarden Apartment7.02001 $1,309,050₪4,600,000
1372 Magnificent Garden Apartment #1372 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofGarden Apartment9.02280 $1,450,000₪5,095,300
1373 4 Bedrooms & Succah #1373 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment5.01201 $796,813₪2,800,000
1378 ***SOLD***Charming Apartment in Shlav Aleph #1378 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment5.51301 $939,101₪3,300,000
1435 Magnificent Villa #1435 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofFreestanding House9.03300 $3,000,000₪10,542,000
1437 ***SOLD***Perfect Location! #1437 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofGarden Apartment4.01001 $711,440₪2,500,000
1449 ***SOLD***Low Floor, Great View!! #1449 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment4.0900 $677,291₪2,380,000
1472 ***RENTED***Great Location - Great View #1472 RentalJerusalemHar NofApartment3.085-2 $1,423₪5,000
1492 Great Garden Apartment + Unit #1492 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment5.01201 $939,101₪3,300,000
1519 Elegant and Charming #1519 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofPenthouse4.51006 $853,728₪3,000,000
1529 ***SOLD***A Lot of Space #1529 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofGarden Apartment6.502 $796,813₪2,800,000
1579 ***SOLD*** Centrally Located #1579 Residential SalesJerusalemHar NofApartment4.01121 $640,296₪2,250,000
1592 250 Sqm Duplex #1592 RentalJerusalemHar NofApartment7.02500 $3,415₪12,000

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