German Colony

The German Colony (Moshava Germanit) was one of several settlements known as "German Colonies" built in Israel by members of the Christian Templar Society in the second half of the 19th century. The Templars were primarily farmers, hence the name Moshava, an agricultural collective settlement. The neighborhood was built in the form of a typical German village of the period, with narrow streets, stone fences, thatched rooftops of pine and cypress wood, and a lot of greenery ; however, unlike a typical German village, the houses of the German Colony of Jerusalem were built of the local stone (and not wood and bricks). The area's homes have special features, such as fields of trees and green gardens. In 1975 the Colony was declared a historical site in order to preserve its unique flavor. The German Colony is located in southern Jerusalem and expands from both sides of Emek Refaim Street. Today Emek Refaim is one of the most popular streets in Jerusalem, with a cosmopolitan flavor, stylish boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses bustling with life. The area is next to great cultural spots like the Jerusalem Theater, the Islamic Museum and the Natural Science Museum. It is also just a few minutes walk to the Old City. In the German Colony are two high schools, an elementary school, a variety of preschools, medical centers, community centers and various synagogues of various denominations, due to the many immigrants in the area from France and the United States.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
796 Arched Ceilings in a Renovated Duplex #796 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyCottage6.02200 $2,669,598₪8,500,000
1045 Very Private Garden Apartment #1045 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyGarden Apartment4.01160 $1,500,000₪4,776,000
1096 Private Home? Investment Purchase? #1096 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project0.02500 $2,167,085₪6,900,000
1262 Unique Garden Apartment #1262 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyGarden Apartment5.500 $1,570,352₪5,000,000
1324 Beautiful Cottage #1324 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyCottage7.02030 $3,203,518₪10,200,000
1356 New and Exclusive #1356 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project0.000 $
1545 ***SOLD*** In The Right Location #1545 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyApartment3.0822 $838,568₪2,670,000
1556 Superb Garden Apartment #1556 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project5.51970 $4,100,000₪13,054,400
1557 Outstanding Villa #1557 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyFreestanding House9.05700 $11,000,000₪35,024,000
1558 A Family Home #1558 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project7.03072 $5,500,000₪17,512,000
1562 Just Magnificent!! #1562 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyApartment5.01903 $3,925,879₪12,500,000
1622 Renovated Duplex #1622 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyDuplex5.51551 $1,695,980₪5,400,000
1651 An Estate For Rent #1651 RentalJerusalemGerman ColonyBuilding0.013000 $40,829₪130,000
1730 ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT! #1730 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyFreestanding House10.04250 $9,000,000₪28,656,000
1760 Off of Emek Refaim #1760 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyApartment4.0751 $910,804₪2,900,000
1771 ***SOLD*** Top of the LIne #1771 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyPenthouse4.01803 $2,842,337₪9,050,000
1869 Partnership Project #1869 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project0.000 $
1897 An Elegant Project #1897 Residential SalesJerusalemGerman ColonyNew Project0.000 $

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