French Hill

French Hill (Givat HaTsarfatit) is a northeastern neighborhood of Jerusalem established in 1969. Its location was chosen in part to create contiguity with the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University. Named after the British general French, the neighborhood is officially listed as Givat Shapira, of which French Hill is one of two subsections, the other being Tzameret HaBira. However, French Hill is the more common name for the entire area. Tzameret HaBira was built by an independent group of people, mainly American immigrants, a fact apparent in the nicer apartments and the existence of private homes. Today French Hill's population is approximately 6,631, including many South American, North American and Russian immigrants. While most of its nine synagogues are Orthodox, the Conservative Kehilat Ramot Zion draws a large membership, and the first Conservative elementary school in Israel, the Frankel School, is also located in the community. There is a large secular population as well. Many Hebrew University faculty members and students choose to live in French Hill due to its proximity to the campus.

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