Beit Hakerem

Beit Hakerem, Hebrew for "house of the vineyard," is a western Jerusalem neighborhood providing a home to over 15,000 of the capital's residents. Established in 1924 as one of the six garden neighborhoods, it has retained its well developed and well maintained greenery, while its predominantly single-family dwellings have been largely replaced with multi-family real estate. Due to its proximity to the entrance to Jerusalem, in both the 1948 and 1967 wars it served as a base for convoys and troops in the liberation of Jerusalem. Close to the Kiryat Moshe and Yefeh Nof neighborhoods, Beit Hakerem is conveniently located near the respected Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center, the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University, Mount Herzl and the lovely Jerusalem Forest. Beit Hakerem was planned by Richard Kaufman, an architect notable for his Bauhaus style. Additionally, Beit Hakerem's founders intended it to be demographically secular and to that effect its charter prohibited the funding of a public synagogue. While secular residents are still in the majority, many observant people also live there today and maintain numerous religious-communal institutions. With a new outdoor shopping mall completed in late 2006 and the new Jerusalem Light Rail being built to go directly from Beit Hakerem to the Central Bus Station, the center of the city and the Old City, this lovely Jerusalem residential area is becoming even more popular than ever.

$1 = ₪3.184
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
1648 A Family Home #1648 Residential SalesJerusalemBeit HakeremApartment5.01272 $1,224,874₪3,900,000

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