Arnona is a southern Jerusalem neighborhood bordered by Kibbutz Ramat Rachel on one side and the garden neighborhood of Talpiot on the other. With the recent move of the American consulate to this neighborhood, demand – and prices – are increasing for apartments. Arnona is a true suburban neighborhood, divided into houses of many different styles and sizes, many with private entrances and private parking. A large number of new projects have been built in the area, most on the former farmland of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Many overseas buyers have begun to buy in Arnona due to the relatively affordable prices and the convenience of elevators, covered parking, and luxurious new apartments designed in a modern style. Arnona is an easy walk to Baka, the Greek and German Colonies, and Old Katamon, and a reasonable walk to the Old City and the Kotel for fit walkers

$1 = ₪3.514
IdTitleCatCityNBHDTypeRoomsSq MetersFl.ElevatorParkingStorageRoomSuccahGardenDollarsShekels
673 Excellent Opportunity #673 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaNew Project0.000 $
1003 ***SOLD***Renovated, Garden & Parking # 1003 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaGarden Apartment4.0950 $626,067₪2,200,000
1008 Right Location -Good Investment # 1008 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaNew Project0.000 $
1130 Classy New Project #1130 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaNew Project0.000 $
1251 Has Everything!! #1251 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment4.5110-3 $645,987₪2,270,000
1253 Facing the Forest #1253 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment4.01105 $626,067₪2,200,000
1268 New Area - New Spacious Apartment #1268 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment4.5125-2 $626,067₪2,200,000
1427 Classy New Project #1427 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaNew Project0.000 $
1476 Charming and Cozy #1476 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment3.0872 $640,296₪2,250,000
1489 New and Spacious #1489 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment4.011010 $705,748₪2,480,000
1531 Bargain! Brand New In Arnona #1531 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment0.01129 $725,669₪2,550,000
1563 Unique Bauhaus Penthouse #1563 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaPenthouse4.51502 $1,195,219₪4,200,000
1575 New and Spacious #1575 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaApartment3.0872 $611,838₪2,150,000
1583 Affordable Family Home #1583 Residential SalesJerusalemArnonaCottage5.51410 $1,070,006₪3,760,000
1584 Great Apartment With Extras #1584 RentalJerusalemArnonaApartment5.011415 $2,248₪7,900
1585 Fabulous Rental #1585 RentalJerusalemArnonaApartment4.011416 $2,248₪7,900

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