Abu Tor

Abu Tor is a charming blend of Middle Eastern cultures, on a hill only a few hundred yards east of the Old City and the Kotel. Founded in the mid 1800s, it is centrally located south of Yemin Moshe and east of the old railroad station, close walking distance to many of Jerusalem's southern neighborhoods, such as Rechavia, Talbieh, Baka, the German Colony, Talpiot and Arnona. The residents include both Jews and Arabs. Abu Tor's hills provide dramatic views of Mount Zion and the Old City. Some of the most beautiful Jerusalem real estate can be found here on tree-lined streets and paths overlooking the Hinnom Valley with a view of the Temple Mount. The combination of the old Arab style houses with their high ceilings and colorful gardens, and attractive modern villas and apartment buildings, creates a lovely blend of the old and the new in this middle- to upper-class neighborhood.

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