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3 New Residential Projects
in South and West neighborhoods

1- New Project in Talpiot #1413

2 bedrooms start at NIS 1,500,000
3 bedrooms start at NIS 2,200,000  
Penthouses & garden apartments are  NIS 700,000 less then market price!                            

2- Boutique Building  #1422

A TAMA 38 project  8 apartments built on 2 storeys
2 -3 bedrooms - 67- 106 sqm.
Prices range NIS 1,472,000 - 2,023,000

3- 25 New Apartments - #1423

 A TAMA 38 project - on 3 storeys

2-4 bedrooms creatively designed.  
sizes from 67-125 sqm.  
Prices from NIS 1,420,000 - 2,420,000.


Beautiful Cottage  #1324

Perfectly located in the heart of the German Colony,
close to Emek Refaim, yet quiet and away from traffic and noise.

                 * * * * * 

Fabulous Opportunity  #1327
Private Entrance to a 3 bedroom garden apartment
with a 17 sqm studio in Rechavia. 

                 * * * * * 

4 Bedrooms in Wolfson  #1213

This lovely 140 sqm renovated apartment is bright and sunny with an 
open view.  The master bedroom with an en suite bathroom is quiet and 

            * * * * *

Cottage With A Pool & Sauna  #1168
Located close to Talbieh and Emek Refaim.
A truly beautiful and comfortable home for the special family!

              * * * * * 

Spacious and Comfortable  #1304
In Kiryat Shmuel - Very spacious living and dining area.  
Each of the 3 bedrooms has its own en suite bathroom.


Exquisite Villa  #1288 
On private land, this beautiful building is on 3 levels      


 Jerusalem Suburban Town #1419

Just 20 minutes from Jerusalem, a religious and secular community offers a range of housing from semi -detached homes to apartments -garden, penthouses and everything in between.



Overlooking the Kinneret Lake  #1406

NEW PROJECT NOT TO BE MISSED!!!  3-4 bedrooms with a succah balcony, parking and storage room facing the Kinneret. Sizes  range from 100- 130 sqm.  Balconies from 11- 102 sqm. Amazing prices from NIS 850,000- 1,250,000.




Feel At Home in Jerusalem

by Orit Shayovitz

Wouldn't you like to know
…where you can get the best spices in the market
…the best place to buy the four species before Succot
…where to find the best buys
…the best restaurants that are off the beaten track?
Did someone famous ever live in your building?
Who frequented the coffee shop that you are sitting in now?
Would you like to know more about the neighborhood in which you want to live?
The character of the neighborhood that speaks to your heart is steeped in its history and gives it its unique flavor. How did it look 50, 75, or even 100 years ago?
I can be your guide to places you've never discovered, even if you have been to Jerusalem many times before.
Every corner of Jerusalem has a story to tell. Who better to tell it than someone whose family has been living in the city for seven generations! Jerusalem holds many secrets that only someone who has grown up here can reveal.
My name is Orit Shayovitz and I am a licensed tour guide fluent in English and Hebrew. I will gladly show you the highlights of all of Israel but my first love and my specialty is Jerusalem.  I am a seventh generation Jerusalemite and this city is my backyard.
Having a Sabbath event?
I am Sabbath observant and would be more than happy to meet you at your hotel or apartment for a walking tour in the vicinity, whether for your own pleasure or as a treat for your guests.
You can contact me at:
 Home phone:    +972-2-6781907 or
 Cellular phone: +972-54-566-7314
Looking forward to hearing from you,





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