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IYAR 5778

APRIL 2018


1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

2- KEEP YOUR PASSPORTS - OVERSEAS BUYERS - Make sure that you keep the passport you used when you purchased property in Israel.  Should you decide to sell, having this passport will save you weeks of bureaucratic nightmare that will delay your sale!!


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Cottage With A Pool & Sauna  #1168
Located close to Talbieh and Emek Refaim.
A truly beautiful and comfortable home for the special family!

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Exquisite Villa  #1288 

On private land, this beautiful building is on 3 levels      


 Jerusalem Suburban Town #1419

Just 20 minutes from Jerusalem, a religious and secular community offers a range of housing from semi -detached homes to apartments -garden, penthouses and everything in between.



Overlooking the Kinneret Lake  #1406

NEW PROJECT NOT TO BE MISSED!!!  3-4 bedrooms with a succah balcony, parking and storage room facing the Kinneret. Sizes  range from 100- 130 sqm.  Balconies from 11- 102 sqm. Amazing prices from NIS 850,000- 1,250,000.




SIVAN 5776
JULY 2016


This newsletter is for those interested in properties out of Jerusalem. There are many good opportunities for purchasing residential or investment properties. We are offering real estate in Jerusalem separately from real estate out of Jerusalem starting with the suburbs.
I saw the area of the new project in Teveria.  It is high up with an open view of the Kinneret and the mountain range.  There are many new buildings going up nearby. There are buildings and lots available as well in Teveria.  Contact us for more details about these.
There are excellent opportunities for commercial investments in different parts in Israel. We selected 3 for this newsletter.
 Our next newsletter will be with resales and new projects in Jerusalem at excellent prices in established and up and coming neighborhoods, prices starting at NIS 1,425,000 in new projects. If this interests you, don’t wait – call now!!!
 Looking forward to help you find your home or investment in Israel. Check our website for additional properties.

We have many new properties and projects in the coastal and center cities, the following is a sample of some of them, Please let us know which cities you are interested in plus  your requirements and budget.   Contact Us
A Villa with a Pool  #1403
A unique and special 420 sqm home with high ceilings and a panoramic view. A home ideal for a large family.  
There are 2 guest bedrooms on the ground floor. The 30 foot master bedroom is complete with a spacious walk-in closet and a jacuzzi bath.
The entrance level is wheelchair accessible.
Asking Price: NIS 4,750,000
See on our website:
Jerusalem Suburban Town #1419
In a fast growing mixed religious and secular new community 20 minutes from Jerusalem, there is a selection of homes ranging from villas, semi- detached homes and apartments
3-4 bedroom apartments range from 95 - 122 sqm.  The semi-detached houses are 180 sqm with large gardens.
Prices for the apartments start at NIS 1,400,000
Price for the house is NIS 2,100,000 
See on our website:


Overlooking the Kinneret Lake  #1406
A fabulous opportunity to own a beautiful new apartment, 3-4 bedrooms with a succah balcony, parking and storage room facing a wide open view of the Kinneret.
The size of the available apartments range from 100- 130 sqms. The balconies range in size from 11- 102 sqm.
The amazing prices range from NIS 850,000- 1,250,000.
See on our website:
4- A quiet suburban town between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan
New Boutique Project #1412
A new boutique project on the most exclusive & desirable street in a quiet suburban town of Tel Aviv. 
There are 12 apartment in each of the 2 buildings, with two apartments to a floor, 
Available apartments: 
4 bedroom apartments - 120 sqm + 16 sqm balcony. Asking Price: NIS 2,525,000
Penthouses on one level, 168 sqm + 113 sqm balcony
Asking Price NIS 5,900,000
See on our website:
1- Located in a city in the center of Israel:
  a- Private building 1,000 sqm. 
Ground floor + 4 floors. The first floor is commercial, three floors are offices and the top floor is commercial.
The entire building is occupied, 
Total income from the rent - NIS 1,400,000 per year.
Asking  Price:  For the entire building  NIS 23,000,000 flexible
  b- A 3,300 sqm commercial building built on 7 dunams on private land, currently rented out to one commercial company.  Located in a very desirable location with many stores and a shopping center in the area.  Rental fee could go to NIS 70 per sqm
Asking Price: NIS 36,000,000
2-  RESIDENTIAL BUILDING - PRIME LOCATION - Centrally located in a South city – 4 dunams  with building permits for 14 floors, 76 apartments of 2-3-4 room apartments and 3 penthouses +  2 levels for parking. 
Asking Price: NIS 11,000,000

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