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 Beautiful Garden Apartment #1451

New building, 123 sqm apartment with a 180 sqm garden near the Great Synagogue and Ben Yehuda!

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In The Center Of Town  #1267

A lovely 115 sqm 4 bedroom apartment with expansion options

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Foothold In Tiveria  #1578

Great investment or for your personal use

Small apartments NIS 250,000 - 480,000




1- There is a demand for the Knesset to enact legislation to protect homeowners who own apartments on land leased from the Church. If this affects you, you can communicate with them at

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Eiferman Properties Newsletter No.  53  |   March 2012/Adar 5772



This newsletter presents many new building projects that will allow you to purchase a home in Jerusalem or another city in Israel with payment schedules spread out over a period of time, some up to 3 years. The payments are dependent on the stages of building and occupancy date.

A number of these new projects are in sections of the city that are being gentrified. For example, Gush 50, one of the older parts of Jerusalem, comprises the neighborhoods all the way from the end of Yaffo Street, near the western city entrance, to the center of town.  Because this is a main route taken by visitors to Jerusalem, the municipality’s plan is to upgrade the area. Many of the neighborhoods in Gush 50 will have boutique hotels, beautiful new apartment complexes, cafes, shopping and cultural activities.

Another area of new construction is in the southern part of the city, the Talpiot and Arnona neighborhoods, which are a short walk to the most expensive and desirable neighborhoods such as Baka, the German Colony, Old Katamon  and Talbieh.

There are new building projects in other neighborhoods of the city as well.

The building projects available in Jerusalem range widely in price, from approximately $300,000 for an apartment to $12,000+ per sq. meter in high-end neighborhoods.

For those of you who don’t want to wait for new construction, some recently-completed projects are available immediately. In addition, we are also highlighting a number of existing (resale) apartments.

Please check out our list of Jerusalem homes for sale. Contact us for many additional properties.



Sarah Eiferman was just interviewed for the Jerusalem Post blog. Read her informative comments on the Jerusalem housing market for new olim.





1. In a beautiful new building, there are 2 penthouse apartments available

Each is 130 sqm with magnificent views.

Facing the Old City view: NIS 5,500,000

Facing the city center:      NIS 4,700,000

Occupancy: Immediate.


2. A 9-storey building with 44 units, including 4 duplex apartments.

Apartments of 3, 4, 5 and 6 rooms, each with a succah balcony, a parking place and a storeroom.

There is a possibility to purchase an entire floor.

The building has 2 elevators – 1 regular and 1 Shabbat – as well as a spa for the residents.
Occupancy up to one year.

NIS 25,000 per sqm.


3. A beautiful new project with occupancy in a year.

Thirty-four 4-room units are still available out of a total of 131. Sizes are 123-176 sqm, with balconies of 10-13 sqm. One third of each balcony is kosher for a succah. Every apartment comes with 1 parking space and a storeroom.

The 3 sections of this project share a common entrance, featuring a beautiful lobby with an atrium. Each wing has 2 elevators – 1 regular, 1 Shabbat.

There is a lovely spa for the residents.
Occupancy within 12 months.

Major financial incentives are being offered to purchasers of the remaining apartments!


4. A new 5 storey building with 19 apartments near the Old City and Mamilla. 
Floors 1-4 have 4 apartments per floor.  Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, 65-70 sqm, with a succah balcony.  There are 3 penthouses on the 5th floor, 2 bedrooms each, 75-80 sqm.

The building has a Shabbat elevator. There is a covered parking space for each apartment.

There is a view to the Temple Mount from the 1st floor

Occupancy: 2-3 years. 
Asking Price: $7,500 per sqm. 



5. A new project in the western part of the city, a short walk to Nachlaot and Rechavia, and a comfortable walk to the Old City  as well as a short walk to Romema and Gush 80 in the north part of the city.

The apartments available include:

1 bedroom, 64 sqm net

2 bedrooms, 95-100 sqm net

3 bedrooms, 124 sqm net

4 bedrooms, 143 sqm net

Penthouse, 143 sqm net with a 75 sqm terrace

Duplex,  4 bedroom 192 sqm net

5 bedroom 203 sqm net

Occupancy varies from 2-3 months to 36 months.

Prices range from NIS 1,800,000-6,500,000+.

The project has parking for each apartment, a beautiful lobby with a security guard, and a spa for the residents.


6. A very high standard luxury project located in the western part of the city, a short walk to Nachlaot and Rechavia, and a comfortable walk to the Old City as well as a short walk to Romema and Gush 80 in the north part of the city.

3 penthouses are available ranging in size from 233 sqm with a 50 sqm terrace - 333 sqm with a 100 sqm terrace with a pool option.   Each penthouse has 2 parking places and a storeroom. A model penthouse apartment is for sale with all the furnishings.

The project has a sauna and exercise room for the residents.

Prices start at NIS 7,600,000.



7. A new project in the perfect location close to the Old City, the hotels, the Great Synagogue, Rechavia and Shaarei Chesed.

An excellent investment, residence or 2nd home in Jerusalem for weekends and holidays.

The penthouses, which face the Old City, are 102-115 sqm net with a 31 sqm balcony.    Each apartment has private parking. The prices range from NIS 3,379,000-4,200,000, including VAT.

8. This outstanding new project has new apartments for sale as well as some resale. Positioned close to the Old City, hotels, and Emek Refaim.

The new apartments will be ready for occupancy within 3 months.  There are already residents living in the complex.

A) New Apartments

There are a few 3 bedroom 145 sqm apartments still available.  Prices begin at $1,150,000.

The 4-5 bedroom apartments are 220 sqm, and the prices start at $1,800,000.

There is parking and storage.

B) Resale

Two new 3 bedroom beautifully designed apartments, each with a succah balcony. 130 sqm each. Can be combined. Custom kitchen, parking and amenities.

Occupancy: 2 months

Asking Price:  $1,275,000 each.



9. Heart of Rechavia! Opportunity to own a home in a historic building, constructed in 1930 & once owned by the British High Commissioner.

Three options are offered for apportioning the space, from division into units of 100 sqm up to a single 250 sqm penthouse with 100 sqm balcony.

Private entrance & private parking.

Being renovated to a very high standard. Option for another 1.5 floors.

Available Winter 2012-13.
Asking Price: NIS 5,625,000.


10. A luxury new boutique building in the center of Rechavia

6 apartments are available, ranging from 120 to 400 sqm.  Each apartment has at least 1 parking place and a storeroom.

Occupancy 11/2013.   

Asking Price: $11,000 per sqm.


11. Luxurious, newly renovated protected building, a short walk to Shaarei Chesed and the Old City.

2 apartments are available:

A)150 sqm with succah balcony, parking & storage room.

Asking Price: $1,500,000.

B) 150 sqm with garden of 150 sqm registered in TABU, parking & storage room.

Occupancy: 1 year. 
Asking Price: $1,900,000.



12. In a historic building, 8 newly constructed apartments ranging in size from 187-327 sqm. 
There are 2 garden and 1 penthouse apartments. Construction is on a very high standard. 

Each apartment has a parking place and a storeroom.

Prices start at NIS 6,800,000.



13. Construction is underway.
A) a 4 room unit (3 bedrooms), 110 sqm net, with parking & elevator.

Asking Price: NIS 1,870,000.

B) a 3 room unit (2 bedrooms), 90 sqm net, with parking & elevator.

Asking Price: NIS 1,700,000.
Occupancy: 2-3 years.



14. A new private complex comprising 4 large buildings.

There are 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom apartments available, including garden apartments and penthouses.
Each unit has a storeroom and a parking space.

Occupancy: 1 year.

Asking Prices start at: NIS 2,600,000.


15. Two towers of 9 floors each, 38 units in each building, 5 apartments per floor.

3 penthouses + 2 studio apartments

2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 room apartments

36 month payment plan

600 meters of commercial space (300 allocated for a bank)

Each unit has a parking space and a storeroom. 

Occupancy: 2-3 years

Prices start as low as NIS 1,200,000.





16. Wolfson Complex

A 152 sqm villa facing Sacher Park, with a large succah terrace off a very spacious LR/DR area. 
Currently there are 3 bedrooms; however, the generous meterage allows for a 4th bedroom. Upgrading of the bathrooms has been started.  Four exposures give abundant light and air. Loads of potential.

Asking Price:  $885,000. 


17. Abarbanel Street, Rechavia

Beautifully renovated 2-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom, 78-sqm apartment on lovely, quiet Abarbanel Street.
Has 2 balconies and is surrounded by greenery. 

Asking Price: NIS 2,500,000.

18. Holyland Park

Spacious and renovated to an extremely high standard.
This 200 sqm luxury apartment has 3 bedrooms, including a huge master bedroom with walk-in closet plus private bathroom with Jacuzzi. A stunning L-shaped terrace of 380 sqm surrounds the whole apartment with amazing views to the city. 2 parking spaces.

Asking Price: NIS 5,700,000.


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